EU reverses illegal blacklisting

Vice-President of the European Parliament Alejo Vidal-Quadras declared that the EU’s removal of the terrorist label from the PMOI, (People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran) was ‘a ‘victory of rule of law, logic and the end of injustice.’ His statement on 26 January came after the EU’s Council of Ministers had quietly reversed the blacklisting of the dissident Iranian peacefighting movement. The Council had formulated the blacklisting in secret without any parliamentary or democratic discussion. Seven Court cases in the European Court and in British High Court declared consistently that the blacklisting was illegal and ‘perverse’. The Courts had had the advantage of examining and scrutinizing the complete dossier on the PMOI, reluctantly provided by governments, and found no evidence of terrorism. The PMOI is a democratic Moslem organization, part of the Parliament in exile, and opposed to the Iranian regime. Vidal-Quadras declared that the clerical regime in Iran was the main sponsor of terrorism in the world and that it, not the PMOI, should be placed on the terror blacklist.

The case raises disquieting questions about how the Council of Ministers is able to declare in secret that certain organizations or persons are to be blacklisted as terrorists, without recourse to justice. The Council told Parliamentarians a number of times, that the question was ‘none of your business.’ Whose then is it? Was this secret blacklisting part of undercover deal made by the Americans decades ago? If the US made an illegal, undemocratic deal with blackmailers, why are the Europeans following it without question or demur? Who is in charge of terrorist listing and the oversight of justice at the Council of Ministers? The European Parliament showed in an extensive analytical report that the PMOI as the mullahs principal opponent is the object of a pervasive disinformation campaign in western media and government services. Bureaucracies are also subject to the danger of repeating unfounded errors.

The PMOI has been fighting this terror label since the 1980s when the USA appeased the mullahs in the secret Iran hostage deals to declare the mullahs’ main opponent illegal and blacklisted in the USA. Colonel Oliver North, President Reagan’s assistant, chaired the meeting outlawing the PMOI in the 1980s. He leaves little doubt today that the decision was unjust. He wrote on 23 January 2009 that now President Obama ought to immediately remove the PMOI from the U.S. “terror blacklist” and give the E.U. kudos for their leadership.’ The PMOI provided evidence that the Iranian regime was building an atomic bomb and supplying rocketry and weapons to Hamas in Gaza with a policy goal of the destruction of Israel. The President-elect of the Iranian Parliament in exile, Mrs Maryam Rajavi, said that the ‘ruling mullahs pursue a growing war against the international community. Their quest for nuclear weapons, and for increasing their missiles’ reach to Europe, are threats to the world.’

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