A German Defence Minister resigned when it was revealed that many parts of his doctorate were plagiarized or “in error’. The British coalition government was shaken when a minister resigned over alleged fraudulent reporting of an eight-year old speeding fine. The Hungarian President resigned when it was considered that he quoted references in his doctorate without proper sourcing.

What would have happened if these politicians had refused to step down amid the accusations? A long and bitter dispute would have ensued, tying up the resources of the nation.

The German President resigned when the Parliament asked for legal immunity be stripped from him so that a full inquiry about freebies and favours could be conducted. What would happen if a minister of an EU country was not only suspected of fraud or questions about his degree but spent between one and two million dollars paying a firm of lawyers so that no voter or anyone else could see his college records?

These types of events affect all neighbouring countries. Today our countries are inevitably linked more strongly with each other.

No democracy can be based on lies. It must be based on Judeo-Christian values. ‘Democracy owes its existence to Christianity,’ wrote Robert Schuman. For the USA, democracy was established in what Schuman called ‘the marvellous edifice of the American Constitution, raised up on foundations envisioned in the spirit of their times by Washington, Jefferson and Hamilton. ‘ (Pour l’Europe, p118.)

What if the country’s president was found violating the Constitution, not being ‘a natural-born American citizen ‘ but a national and a passport-holder of another country? Would he then resign? Would people ask for an explanation for fraudulently posing under false nationality? That would be the least to be expected. Wouldn’t that situation make a mockery, not only of the presidency but throw into question all the laws he had signed? What about international agreements, would they be null and void because the signature was an impostor and fraudulent president?

Yet this is what is happening in the United States. All of Barack Hussein Obama’s college records have been legally sealed from public view by presidential decree, Occidental College in California, Columbia and Harvard University.


Many journalists and voters suspect that he attended these as an Indonesian student, not as an American. Whoever is elected in the 2012 elections, a vast legal debate is about to explode, perhaps paralyzing the presidency in the coming years.

It won’t go away. It is now entering the area of criminal process, not mindless political derision against ‘Tea Party’ activists and so far unsuccessful but outraged lawyers.

As a student Barack Obama was known as Barry Soetoro, a muslim with an Indonesian step-father. Some student who were taking classes say they can’t remember ever seeing him there. (The name Obama comes from his Kenyan father who held a British passport and was suspected of being already married by the Immigration Service when he came to the USA.) Other people have now deposed legal affidavits that he was intimate with subversive groups involved in terrorist bombing campaigns and underground activities.

Astounding? There is even worse!

Who is paying the multi-million legal fees from keeping these records out of daylight? For the president, the most basic security for employing a federal building janitor seems not to apply. A whole range of documents have all failed multiple authentication tests. When some journalists and voters questioned whether Obama had ever become a US citizen, a Freedom of Information search brought to light Obama’s Selective Service Card. According to US law all men must register with the Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Evidently something was awry in Obama’s case. The document is clearly forged.

It is filled out, not on a 1980 form, but one dating from 2000s, when it was vital if he were to be elected as a Senator. Furthermore the date stamp is clearly fabricated. It has ’80’ on it as the year and not what the authenticating stamp should have: ‘1980’. A closer examination by a forensic team of lawyers, postal management and detectives shows that the ’80’ was made from cutting the last two digits from a rubber stamp with ‘2008’ and inverting them — rather badly and amateurishly — in a US postal stamp. It was also cut so that the larger, lower part of the ‘8’ appeared less obvious when it was inverted.

This of course is a serious federal criminal offense and as distinct from fiddling with a few lines of a doctorate. Such forgery will likely to fine the perpetrator — whoever he/she is — and send him to prison. His reported Social Security Card number 042 68 4425 is also dubious and was issued in 1977 from the State of Connecticut — where, at around 17-year old, the Hawaii high schooler Obama never resided.

The Arizona police, acting on the tip-off that Obama might have been born abroad and not Hawaii, checked the incoming flight details to Hawaii in August 1961. They found that all the US Federal border agency cards for that week were missing. The governor of Hawaii in his election campaign promised that he would publish the birth certificate when elected. Despite all his efforts and authority, he gave up.

Given the furore about lack of documentation indicating who exactly the US President is, many citizens created a pressure group so that he would be forced to publish his birth certificate. A short form birth certificate (COLB, Certification of Live Birth) was published on a website of a group Obama used to work for. Then President Obama published it. What, however, was published on the White House site had errors that required its replacement. This publishing effort did not stop the protests from pointing out that this type of certification could be obtained without adequate checks, on the unsupported say-so of a relative. Moreover, it did not indicate which of Hawaii’s two hospitals Obama was supposedly born in — and various of his family and supporters named one while others named the other!

Before the publication of a major study on the Obama identity forgery and numerous legal actions, the White House was forced to put up at the White House website what they claimed was the full-length Birth Certificate that included the hospital, doctors and other information.

Technical specialists were surprised. This began to look like an amateur production too. In fact it was quite tacky. It was supposed to be a copy of an opened page from a birth log but the green security hatching was printed over the page and also the space beyond the paper page! A false shadow was added for the gutter as if it had been placed on a photocopier. It hadn’t. It was an electronic cut and paste job containing simultaneously binary, grey-scale and even colour letters! (Compare for example the grey tone D of Dunham or last ‘1’ of the reference number 61 10641 under maximum zoom. They are different formats and exist on different layers.) The White House later reduced the resolution of the pdf file on its website but it is clear that some of the letters come from different fonts and white haloes show unexplained manipulation for a scan or photocopy. The higher resolution file published and given to news correspondents on 27 April 2011 seems no longer available. Who is fiddling with the ‘facts‘?

A group of voters petitioned the Arizona police force to investigate. They wanted to have real proof of the identity of their presidential candidate. Sheriff Arpaio called a volunteer group of former policemen and lawyers plus technical computer experts together. (Volunteer, that is, not paid by taxpayers to avoid political issues. )

He expected them to clear the birth certificate of all suspicion. In fact they proved it was forged. So was the Selective Service Card — which the police considered a more serious criminal offence.

Much like the start of the Watergate affair, the main media in the USA are not investigating this — or even reporting it. You can find full press conference report on YouTube, local TV and on foreign media such as Russian radio the sheriff is grilled about the facts and background.

The Arizona police department released some short explanatory videos for the public.

Sheriff Arpaio’s introduction ‘probable fraud and forgery’

1 Birth Certificate

2 Opening Birth Certificate with Illustrator

3 Was OCR software applied?

4 Was the file optimized?

5 Conclusion: fake and forgery

6 Forgery of Selective Service Card.

If you want to check the detectives’ results in detail, view the official police press conference video. Those who have software like Illustrator or CorelDraw can check that the document has NINE electronic layers whereas a scan of a real paper document would not. The seals and date stamps give no authentication. They can be moved anywhere at will!

Reminder: This is a clearly fraudulent document that the White House chose to introduce. It is still on its website! Magnify with zoom and you can see the differences in fonts, saved in different formats from separate documents then pasted together!

Another demonstration video using CorelDraw shows that the file has been trimmed and that the hatched ‘security’ paper show manual manipulation and that white dots have been hand-painted to cover black spots in one layer. Amateur fraud!

A criminal case will not go away. The controversy has moved into new territory. The police say they can identify some of the computers used in the fraud. They now have a pile of sworn affidavits from international specialists. The next years will increase, not dissipate, the affair.

Europe had better take a lesson from this criminal forgery. Democracy at the European level is languishing. Politicians have lost the trust of the public. Lasting trust can only be built on honesty and truth.

Today’s leadership still refuse to put into effect the requirements of the treaties they signed up to. There are no proper European elections, either for the parliament, nor for the consultative committees, nor proper openness in the institutions.

In the European Union there is

Any document revealing who the political cartel selected, how, when, why and where or describing what goes on is forbidden to the public eye. Once the supranational democratic sytems are inaugurated such biased, partisan politburo politics will be eliminated. It will be far more difficult to commit such identity crime at a European level. There will be multiple cross-checking systems to ensure fairness and justice.


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  1. I shouldn’t be surprised if the whole EU is found guilty of fraud !

    Who care anyway !!!

  2. For the best part of two decades Barack Obama’s literary agent published a biographical note about him that said he was born in Kenya. This was a hard copy in 1991. It was then published on the web until 2007. With all the amendments over 16 years that the agency published this rather important detail remained. It does not seem credible that Mr Obama was not aware of this assertion or fact. The agency bio promoted his book (Dreams from my father and its earlier draft) up to and including the period when he was Senator.Then it was corrected to say he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Why did he chose not to correct it? The detail was only changed a few weeks after he declared that he was a candidate for presidency. The excuse of one asistant at the agency — that she did not check the fact — is given below. It is hardly sufficient to explain the facts.
    The use of archive sites to retain what was published on the web is an important instrument for journalism and fact-verification. The idea has been promoted by the European Commission for several years.

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