In February 1945, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was in Egypt and wanted to discuss with the Saudi King ibn Saud a definitive and lasting settlement between Arabs and Jews.
Churchill was told that the King would not allow drinking or smoking in his presence. Churchill recorded:
“I was the host and I said that if it was his religion that made him say such things, my religion prescribed as an absolute sacred ritual smoking cigars and drinking alcohol before, after, and if need be, during, all meals and the intervals between. Complete surrender.” Churchill by Himself, p353.
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  1. Churchill was a man of his time. He was an aristocracy and he believed in Empire. Both were outdated, bankrupted, and moral black holes when World War 2 broke out under different leadership. Churchill became Prime Minister and he was the person that gave up the British Empire in his signature in the Atlantic Charter. He sought help from America to defeat Nazi Germany. He chose freedom over imperialism. He was not perfect but he made decisions that gutted Empire and would lead to former colonies such as India to a free sovereign state. He cried over war decisions that made including the attack on the French Fleet in North Africa in 1940. Hitler and Stalin did not cry one tear or change their tyranny to help one soul or make a better world. The bombing of Germany was a necessity at the time for they killed 50,000 in bombing on British cities before any British bombs killed one German citizen. Churchill is no moral equivalent to a mass murderer or a character like Stalin or Hitler. This aristocratic brat was raised when Empire was everything but he grew up and realized that Christian civilization was at stake in his standing alone. He chose freedom. He knew that the future of freedom in a world where he must change along with his nation. He knew that freedom had a better chance in a world without Hitler. He knew that Communism was the next threat after the war. He was not perfect nor blameless but your ability to write such a drastic opinion piece is because of people like Churchill. A true mass murderer like Hitler winning the war would have no room for people like yourself. Hitler would not allow such forums for people like me to leave comments. The Colonial Powers were not right in their polices and occupation of foreign lands or treatment of their people. Churchill made decisions that ending the era of colonialism. Hitler wanted world domination and destruction of all races not equal in his mind. Churchill was imperfect but chose peace by ending a world war.

    Lena Graham

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