The EU is the richest union and the world’s biggest exporter. It has a combined GDP of some $18 Trillion.
EU’s population is 510 million.
The most powerful political office is that of president of the European Commission.
Now, how many citizens elected this person into office in 2014?
Hundreds of millions? No.
A few million? No.
A few hundred thousand? No.
Actually 382 people. That’s all.
Who were they?They were party apparatchiks.
They voted for one of their own officials to be the president.
In all the European Union, that was the only ballot that had anything to do with electing the Commission president. It was not a national ballot. It was private.
Not one citizen when he or she went to the polls in 2014 was given a ballot paper for the President of the European Commission. Not one.
Doesn’t that seem a little unfair on the 508 million? Not one got to vote for Mr Jean-Claude Juncker!
Yes. And it is also illegal.
Exclusion also attacks the fundamental rights of those 510 million citizens. The party politicians who are supposed to be the people who protect the Human Rights of the people were shown to be more than derelict in their duty. They were complicit in the obliteration of citizens’ Human Rights. They stopped public participation in the democratic institutions of the EU. In the past the Commission was composed totally of non-politicians. Why? Because the treaties said and still say that Commissioners must be non-partisan and independent.
Who were these 382 super-electors? They were apparatchiks of the largest political party in the EU – the European People’s Party. That is an utter disgrace. The EPP, formerly the Christian Democrats, was the party of Robert Schuman the initiator of European Democracy and the European Community. They have turned it into a Politburo. They met, not in Brussels, Paris or Berlin, but in Ireland.
The European People’s Party is now involved in something worse than the fraudulent People’s Democracies of the Soviet era. The whole Politburo used to vote 100% for their leaders. The EU candidate who gained those 382 votes in Dublin did not even gain a majority of the votes of the EPP apparatchiks. There were 812 delegates but 181 refused to vote. Mr Juncker gained the support of less than half of his own party!
A democratic election for half a billion people and 28 democracies? More like an oligarchy, the rule of the few.
To make their system fully understood by English-speakers, they call it the Spitzenkandidatensystem! Spitzenkandidat can be translated Lead Candidate or more accurately in this case, Top Apparatchik.


So the European people were given a candidate who was a party apparatchik and who could not even raise a full majority of his colleagues in support.
Is there a paper trail for this multi-trillion dollar crime? If the EU had had a “normal” election there would be evidence — ballots. If that were the case then the European electors would have had printed ballot papers saying “European Commission President” and listing names. None exists!
It gets worse. The second part of the fraud was to maintain that whichever party got the most votes in the European Parliament elections had the right to have their apparatchik picked as the president of the Commission. Nothing in the treaties says this.
Listen to this.

“Europeans want the EU to help them, not dictate to them. This was clear through the rise of anti-EU parties; the fall in turnout in the majority of countries and the decline in support for the European parliament’s largest political groups
“This Spitzenkandidat concept was never agreed by the European Council. It was not negotiated between the European institutions. And it was never ratified by national parliaments.”

Who said that? UK Prime Minister David Cameron after the 2014 elections. He warned that the more Europeans considered themselves the victims of such a “back door power grab” then the rule of law itself is threatened.


“Juncker did not stand anywhere and was not elected by anyone. To accept such a claim would be deeply damaging for Europe and would undermine, rather than strengthen, the EU’s democratic legitimacy.”

Prime Minister Cameron is saying that the entire system of European Democracy is now being undercut. Democracy is in danger! Supposedly an election took place with no ballots! Mr Cameron also vetoed the candidature of Mr Juncker in the European Council. In the past that would have been the end of such a candidate. Any State has the right and duty to veto a candidate if he or she was not thought honest, trustworthy and impartial.
Instead, two years later on 23 June 2016 Mr Juncker wielded his veto. When the United Kingdom voted LEAVE in a non-binding referendum, Mr Juncker insisted that the UK must leave ‘as soon as possible no matter how painful the process may be’.
There is no legal justification for that.
Nor for his Commission Presidency scam.
In fact the treaties say exactly the opposite. It is illegal.
No active politician can become a member of the Commission. The Commissioners have to take an oath of office before the Court of justice. It is stricter than the oath of the judges! It says that they are “completely independent” and “neither seek nor take instructions from any government or from any other institution, body, office or entity.” Yet they stay active politicians! They hold party cards.
Before each European Council they get into a pow-wow with their fellow politicians and ministers. If that is not for seeking or taking instructions, what else is it? Why don’t they refuse and go and read a book instead?
The other parties mainly all covered themselves with shame and fraud. Some however refused absolutely to go along with this pretence. They said the treaties give absolutely no support for the Top Apparatchik or Spitzenkandidat system.
The socialist leader, Martin Schulz, its only candidate, was complicit in the fraud. He declared in the most public way, that by a sleight of hand “We achieved a change in the Treaty without treaty change!” That’s like saying we now own your house by magic without buying it because we created our own powers to do so. The treaty is the only contract that gives politicians any power at all. And it has to be agreed by the people.
Neither the British Conservatives nor the British Labour party participated in the scam. They knew they would be excoriated by the British media if they said told such obvious lies and fibs. None of the British ballot papers or the ballot papers in any other country said anything about voting for the president of the Commission on a Spitzenkandidatsystem.
There is another reason too. While the EPP remains the dominant party in the European Parliament, as it has done for many years, there is absolutely no chance for a Briton ever to become the president of the European Commission.
The Spitzenkandidat system totally excludes Britons and Britain from this important office. Forever!
No wonder – when they had a chance – Britons voted themselves OUT. The EU has now become the laughing stock of the world. Twenty eight democracies of Western Europe – who boast themselves as great democratic models are the victims of political fraudsters! Five hundred million citizens taken for a ride! Democracies can’t even resist such palpable political corruption and fraud!
The Brussels Apparatchiks last year spent millions on #EU60, a bogus birthday of their institutions. This year they ignored the most important anniversary in Europe’s history, #EU70. The date of 1948 was when Schuman’s government proposed Europe have its first democratic assembly and common market!
It is little wonder that the Brussels Politburo have buried in depths, the correct way to impartially select a Commission president and allow 100 percent participation of the citizens.

Citizens should ask their representatives to explain just how the Founding Fathers democratically chose the first President … and see if they really know.
Martin Selmayr, Juncker’s campaign manager pictured above, became his powerful chief of staff when Juncker became the Commission President. Juncker appointed him on 21 February 2018 as the new Secretary General of the European Commission, its top eurocrat. Guess who many in the EPP now want for the next Commission president! The man who lost the 2014 EPP cabal “election” – Michel Barnier, now the Commission’s Mr Brexit!




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