Speaking at his party’s congress in Helsinki in November 2018, European Commission President said:

“People said a year before WW1 that it could not happen.”

That is not true.

Mr Juncker continued: “We should not be afraid of talking about war because we are a project of peace.”

What are the facts? The German invasion plans were known in 1904.

Those who today aim to lead Europe, should know about its history. The first qualification of its leaders is to understand how Europe gained its peace and democracy. They should describe to Europeans how to avoid war and maintain peace.

The plans for the German invasion of France were known well in advance of 1914. World War One has nothing to do about an assassination of the Grand-Duke in Sarajevo in 1914. More than a decade earlier, the French and other allies knew about German invasion plans. Here is a map of how it would take place. It is signed by French general Jean M T Pendézec on 25 April 1904.



Under strict secrecy, General Penzédec, chief of the French General Staff, revealed the audacious German strategy map to French Ambassador to Russia, Maurice Paléologue. He also exposed the dynamic mechanism about how it would work. Germany would violate Belgian neutral with a massive force. This would be able to advance rapidly not only through Belgium but right across undefended France. It would capture Paris and then… its government captive, France would capitulate in a matter of days. With France subjugated Germany would then destroy Russia — which was known to be slow to mobilise its military forces in the advance of a surprise attack. Thus Germany would conquer on both fronts.

The key to the plan was a sling where the heavy weight at the end of the rope would batter France’s head to submission. Another hand would then pick its pocket across the border from occupied Lorraine.

The sling would make a surprise attack in the north to take Paris. The axel point of the sling would be from German-occupied Alsace Lorraine. Metz, the capital of Lorraine, had become the the strongest fortress in all the world. The targets of the German southern attack were later revealed in all Germany’s secret war plans from the Schlieffen Plan times to the Armistice in 1918. Without them Germany’s ruling elite calculated it could never become master of the world.

These targets intimately pre-occupied Robert Schuman before the war began. He actively proposed a solution at international gatherings of statesmen and lawyers that included Nobel prize winners. Germany’s negative objectives activated his positive plan that today gave Europe its longest peace ever — 73 years. They ignited his idea for a Community solution to bring the most precious victory of all — ETERNAL PEACE.

To accomplish their military attack manoeuvre, the Germans would even deplete their armies on the eastern border. (Russia was part of the Alliance against Germany and Austria-Hungary). That would add extra weight to the sling. The Lightning War, BlitzKrieg, would destroy France from ever becoming a great power again. Germany would be able to dominate the Continent. It would subjugate Britain. And then it would have the powers to compete with that upstart industrial power– the United States of America.

This real essence of the plan would allow Germany to seize the levers of world domination. Even on his death bed, Schliefen repeated that the heavy military strike on Paris was key. It must not be reduced. If his successor, Helmut von Moltke had listened, Europe would be living in vastly different times.

The Schlieffen Plan required 26 army corps (with ten extra in reserve) to be massed in Germany’s western frontier. They were to make up four armies. The army with 9 corps assembled at Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) would make the rapid advance across Belgium and the French countryside to Compiègne and seize Paris. Three armies with just 17 corps massed in Moselle and Saar would tangle with the major French defence and then conquer strategic industrial objectives in the region of the Meurthe valley, France’s industrial heartland.

This Blitzkrieg that would both disorientate the French and also deliver a lethal blow. What were the real War Aims? Germany would agree to peace only if France ceded its vital resources in Meurthe-Moselle. France, preoccupied with Alsace Lorraine, looked like being the victim of another land-grab.

Then an intelligence goldmine fell into the hands of French intelligence. They obtained Germany’s war strategy plans!

Details of the troop movements necessary were revealed by a German informant given the the cryptic name of “le Vengeur” (The Avenger). Who was he? Some have speculated he may have been the German military nationalist Bernhardi. He was in dispute with Schlieffen over his claim as being the real author of the plan. But the Avenger may have been someone inside the German General staff, other than the top military commanders. Was he an Alsatian or Lorrainer who wanted vengeance on the German occupation of his land in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1. After several decades of occupation, and the rise of a new generation, the “Prussians” may have presumed the officers incorporated by force or persuasion into the army had become loyal the Kaiser. Alsace Lorraine had become Reichsland, an imperial province of Germany. The French nationalists were still at boiling point about the loss of this territory.

Robert Schuman was born of a French patriot, a Lorrainer who had fought in the Franco-Prussian war at the siege of Thionville. He was a brilliant student, by far the top of his class. In 1903 at just 17 years, Schuman made an extraordinary decision. He shocked all his classmates by deciding to take on the difficult task of gaining entrance to German universities of Bonn, Munich and Berlin. He became the student of Germany’s most eminent lawyers and economists.

He wrote his Doctorate in Law (D Jur) at the university of Strasbourg in occupied Alsace.

Believe it or not, the original title was: The Transfer and Lien of an Inheritance! — decisive principles of German and Natural Law about property claims. Who owns Alsace Lorraine? The official title was changed on the advice of his Alsatian professor, to a more innocuous one.

After the world war, Schuman was acclaimed and mandated to become the deputy for Thionville. In the National Assembly he sat as the Deputy for Meurthe and Moselle.

Seventy years ago this year Schuman made a decisive act. As Prime Minister in 1948, his government proposed — the first time for any government in history — the means to unify Europe as a democracy of democracies. A Customs Union under the democratic control of all Member States would stop Germany ever becoming a threat again. He created the Council of Europe as a means to establish the Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms as the definition of democratic values. Democracy would stop any nation, including especially Germany, from turning Fascist or Communist. It explains why Brexit from European democracy will not happen.

That event was not celebrated by the Brussels political class.
















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