The Brexit referendum has already cost the country millions perhaps billions of pounds. Tax-payers’ money. Your money. The Pound has sunk in value. The stock market has been hit. Industries are in a quandary. Some have moved out. Some have had to build or rent extra warehouse space because of the threat of Just-In-Time supply schedules will be broken by customs delays. Workers have been laid off. Harbours have been dredged in order to find new shipping capacity. It has also left many families in tears and fears at the consequences. The EU-27 have also spent millions.

Who gets the bill? Who is to blame for the Brexoshambles?

Who called the Referendum? That was David Cameron, the Prime Minister in 2006 and again in 2016.

But the reason I would call it a CHEAT and not a CRIME is that it is unclear still if it was due to ignorance or political charlatanism. But it certainly depleted public and private treasuries. It sapped national confidence. It turned the island into a sack of fighting cats.

I give Cameron the benefit of the doubt. But one thing is clear: All the heart-burn, anxieties and worries of millions of citizens and costs of billions were unnecessary!

How was the whole Referendum Operation concocted as a FRAUD? If it were purely a political problem, why is the British Parliament in turmoil? Politicians know how to wheel and deal.

This is a problem of a different order. Where is common sense? Where is the national interest? Why do the British have what has been called a Zombie government, a prime minister supported by her party but with no policy?

They have all been caught in a trap. It is a trap meant to throw right and wrong into stark silhouette. Robert Schuman‘s noble design to have honest government in Europe dates from July 1948, the turning point of all European political history. it is a date that today’s leaders in Europe refused to acknowledge.

But first we need to analyse how Europeans got caught in the trap. Why are those rendered impotent in the parliaments guilty of dishonesty?

Why are all the MPs of any party nonplussed about how to proceed?

The reason is they have all been FOOLED and SCAMMED. They don’t know who is to blame. Nor the real problem. Both Brexiteers and Remainers are right to a certain extent. And the more they believe they are acting correctly, the more they strain every muscle to their direction. They also voted to enter the honesty or integrity trap.

But they can’t agree on common action. The can’t agree on the EU Withdrawal Act. They can’t agree on ruling out a no-deal exit. They can’t agree about a further referendum. (It might be followed by yet another and another if the result was “unsatisfactory”. In 2016 UKIP’s Nigel Farage said that if the Brexit campaign lost by 48 to 52%, it would be “unfinished business“. A two-thirds majority, he said, was needed to avoid a neverendum.)

And they can’t agree on hardly anything. The deadline of 29 March looms large.

They are just like the trickster who tied two mules together and placed them facing two piles of straw. They died of over-exertion and starvation!

They have all been made victims and participants in an elaborate political fraud. The politicians have been hoisted on their own petard. So have the whole British public. They are all so deceived that they are walking around like the blind bashing each other with sticks.

Have all the politicians been struck mad? Hokus Pokus! If it were entertainment we would call it a conjurer’s trick.

To understand the trick, we have to analyse the sleight of hand. There is more than a single trick involved or a single victim. How did the politicians trick themselves? How do we get back to reality? We need to go back a decade or more — when the politicians of Europe were conducting their own nefarious trick operations. They failed.

It was called the European Constitution. The idea of dreamy-eyed, shallow-brained utopians was to turn the three European Communities and associated technocracies into a Federal State. Federal States have constitutions don’t they? Wouldn’t that give politicians new powers? It would also shut the people out from decision-making.

The Constitution was an illusion, right from the start. Valery Giscard d’Estaing was in charge of the operation. Unfortunately for the federalists he let the cat out of the bag– several times. It was a big-time SCAM.

He declared that, although it was called a Treaty establishing a Constitution for the Europe, what he was designing was NOT a Constitution but a Treaty. It was a ConstitutionAL Treaty, he said. It was a treaty like all the others that proceed it. Only this time instead of being called Maastricht, Amsterdam or Nice it was called Constitutional. That word ‘constitution‘ was just spin.

Constitutions are not created by treaties. Any constitutional lawyer knows that. Treaties are agreements between States, usually for regulating matters like trade. Constitutions date back to the earliest civilizations. Even before the Code of Hammurabi in Babylon around 1700 BCE, there were constitutional codes like that of Esh-Nunna in central Mesopotamia several centuries earlier. One of the oldest codes extant dates from around 2100 BCE, the third dynasty Sumerian Code of Ur-Nammu. Older ones are known to have existed.

Forging a European Constitution that cheats nations of their own constitutions takes a lot of impudence and affrontery. Thieves are trying to bury four thousand years of the history of civilization! That audacity is why Europe is in a mess today.

Constitutions embrace and describe the functioning of the whole State and the principles that govern it. They have power to override all laws and law-makers, domestic and external. Constitutions, to work well or at all, have to have the support of the people and other associations and institutions. That demands justice.

If a group of people try to usurp the powers of the people in a State, it is called Tyranny. That’s what the Americans objected to in 1776.

The so-called Constitutional Treaty, despite its frippery, was just a treaty. it could have been named after a city, like Maastricht, Amsterdam or Nice.

And in fact it later was! Lisbon!

It was really a power grab by power-hungry politicians to take powers from the citizens without any commensurate democratic control. The Community was based on the free choice of citizens and nations.

Ah democratic control! Legitimacy!

That’s where Prime Minister Tony Blair came unstuck too. In order to get the Constitutional Treaty validated by the States, it had to be passed by the Parliaments. And it was a Biggie. So it had to have a referendum in nearly all States.

Mr Blair promised twice that there would be a referendum of the British people. But somehow he did not get around to have a referendum. Mr Cameron, then in opposition, denounced the “massive transfer of powers” of the Treaty. Parliament laid down a Bill for the European Union Act 2005 for a Referendum on the treaty. The question was to be:

Should the United Kingdom approve the Treaty establishing a Constitution for the European Union?

The bill was first introduced during the parliamentary session of 2004/05 and received a second reading. It fell at the end of that parliament. The bill was reintroduced in the new Blair parliament in the 2005/06 session. However it was withdrawn after its first reading by Jack Straw on 6 June 2005 following “no” votes in referendums that were held on ratifying the European Constitution in France and in the Netherlands. Why? Didn’t Britons have an equal right to express their wish?

The British voter have had no chance to voice their opinion on any treaty since 1975. Vast changes of undemocracy have taken place since then. Fortunately for Europe, others did. French electors saw through this folly. In 2005 they rejected the Constitutional Treaty by an impressive 55% majority.

OOOH LA LA, the French! That makes a difference. Some nations think they are more equal than others! It got worse. The Dutch voted the Constitutional Treaty down by an even larger 61% majority. The French had a cultural concept of the Social Contract from Rousseau. But this was not a question of a majority oppressing a minority, that democrats feared. It was a clear signal that the majority was sending up a warning flare that the whole of French society should reject this “Constitution” as it hid overt and disguised dangers to democracy.

Lined up to vote were six other States. They had been left to the end of the calendar for a reason. Momentum. They were less enthusiastic. They had democratic traditions. They didn’t seem to like the treaty: Czechs, Danes, Irish, Poles, Portuguese and last of all were the British!

But the treaty was now exposed as a deceit for duplicitous despotism. Still, the fraudsters did not give up. They still hoped it could become the new Constitution, even by the bizarre antidemocratic edict of the European Commission President Barroso. He said that it would just take a majority of States! That’s like saying that if you have a dozen people and seven say a bottle contains healthy liquid and five say it is poisonous, then it is all right for all to drink it.

Tyrannies are deadly. States are Sovereign and guardians of their own welfare. What sort of democrat takes chances with a disguised dictatorship trying to be kind and cuddly? Some people are not fooled by politicians’ smooth talk.

It soon became clear even to Barroso that arithmetically the Constitutional Treaty was dead. Or was it?

Three years later the politicians — meeting of the Heads of State and Government (not yet officially the European Council) behind closed doors as usual — declared that they were going to raise the corpse, add more articles, and call it the Reform Treaty.

All that voting of the people, they said, was in vain. This time there would be nothing as inconvenient and ham-fisted as voting. Politicians, the main beneficiaries, would force the treaty through parliaments without any need of the people to worry their pretty heads. Governments had majorities and their party machines revved up to obey. Conscience went out the window. The party whips have ways to break your fingers if you don’t vote on party lines!

The effect was the same as if the Constitutional Treaty had been passed — against the wishes of the people. That is tyranny. Despotism by deceit and democratic duplicity. It created a new secretive oligarchy called the European Council. The people never agreed to this. The founding fathers thought it should never be created. They had good reasons.

But the politicians said:

The people need not worry about what they discussed there — the doors would be closed to the public. But to reassure them we will from time to time issue decrees and press communiques.

The Reform Treaty arose like a phoenix from the ashes of the “Constitution” warship that the people had sunk by their cannonade of Noes and Nons. It was the spitting image of the Constitutional Treaty. Not surprising. Many articles were word-for-word identical. The pirate ship was renamed by Mr Barroso and his friends as the Lisbon Treaty. That’s a quick card shuffle designed to add an extra bit of confusion to the trickery.

There is no denying the gravity of the treachery and international turpitude. A major change of the whole governance system of Europe was rejected by Europeans in referendums. Then, in spite of the people’s voice, the governments acting in secret, colluded to restore the very same treaty and add a few more poisonous articles. Instead of putting this to the people, they forced the treaty through parliament in such a way they avoided all electoral responsibility. The representatives, the servants, of the people treated their masters as fools.

This is a monstrous abuse of powers — paralleled for those who want a historic precedent — with the seizure of power by Adolf Hitler who used the Enabling Laws in Weimar Germany. He then wiped out all oppositional parties. Perhaps he considered them too “popularist”.

Mr Cameron then promised that if elected he would ensure that a referendum would take place on the EU Treaty. But when he made a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, he dropped the idea. He was hissed for this hypocrisy. Then for the next election he promised that if re-elected he would hold a referendum.

In a September 2007 article for The Sun newspaper, Mr. Cameron promised,

“Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: If I become PM a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations.”

In 2009 Mr Cameron, still in Opposition, introduced a Bill in Parliament for a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. He called for the public to ‘pile up pressure‘ for a referendum. Too much power would pass to Brussels, Mr Cameron told BBC. He said he would not let matters rest if he took office as Prime Minister. he said major constitutional issues were involved; Brussels “was in the endless process of building a superstate.”
The Labour party record is even worse. It twice submitted a Bill for a referendum to Parliament. It twice abandoned it. The lookalike Lisbon Treaty was then championed by Prime Minister Tony Blair but it was signed reluctantly and a little bit after the official ceremony by his replacement, Gordon Brown on 13 December 2007. Mr Blair had promised a referendum on it. But, Mr Brown said he would not do it. To say the Lisbon Treaty was different from the Constitution is “pitifully unconvincing.

The Lisbon Treaty was therefore ratified by Parliament only WITHOUT any public assent in June 2008. But due to the Irish rejection in a referendum did not come into force until 1 December 2009.

The record of both British governments and three parties, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats, is horrendous in their criminal and constitutional disdain.

But the EU Treaty was not ratified legally because it was a major constitutional change. The last time any thing near this level of change took place was entry into the Community system. For that governments and parties agreed that the 1975 Referendum was necessary. How much more the EU treaties with their “massive changes” to Britain’s democracy? Only the Irish had the possibility to hold a referendum and they had no hesitation at first in rejecting it. What does that say about the deplorable state of democracy in Europe and the despotic attitude of its leaders.

It never needed to happen. It has set back democracy and prosperity by more than a decade.

The only remedy now lies with the Courts.








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