Boris Johnson was told in 2016. Did he listen?

He was given the book: Brexit and Britain’s Vision for Europe. It explains the difference between the European Community of sovereign States, a democratic organisation for Europe, and the European Union, a centralising, closed-door operation created against public opinion as expressed in referendums and continually in the press.

Major repair of European Democracy is required. FIX IT!


  1. Fish Fraud

How to solve Fish Quotas? Continue to let the politicians meeting behind closed doors and override scientific advice? Obviously not. Or use the institutions that Schuman designed? An open Consultative Committee with equal representatives of

  • Fishing firms,
  • Workers and
  • Consumers.

The Committee of Regions and the Economic and Social Committee should elect their members according to the treaties. They are part of the European legislative path.

Fix it!


  1. Single Market

Import and export and internal circulation inside a Customs Union requires democratically agreed rules.

Problem: ministers want to decide in closed-door councils, rather than open meetings as the treaties say they should.

Solution: Apply the treaty articles on open democracy.

Fix it!


  1. Governance of the Court

Every Customs Union requires a final legal arbiter, such as a Court whose decision is respected. The Single Market has the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. All Europeans in the EU and UK are subject Court of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Strasbourg.

The UK should appeal to the Strasbourg Court about the abuse in the EU “Democratic Deficit” so it can be corrected.

The answer to Brexit is to Fix it!


The core problem: reform the EU. Europe needs OPEN DEMOCRACY based on the European Community model. The Lisbon Treaty was implemented not only without public support but AGAINST public opinion as shown in Referendums. Its “European Council” (an institution unknown in the Community system) was designed to eliminate any Briton from ever becoming the president of the European Commission.

The Lisbon Treaty was also designed to eliminate Human Rights of the Council of Europe. It tries to replace the Convention by a fiat Charter that people rejected in referendums. What sort of Human Rights are those?


Copies of my book Brexit and Britain’s Vision for Europe were presented to President von der Leyen and Boris Johnson.

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  1. In preparation for a no-deal Brexit, the UK has deployed four naval gun ships to protect “their waters” from EU fishing boats. This is truly the definition of insanity!

    The Brits seem to be unable or unwilling to come to terms with their true standing not only in Europe but the world.

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